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gourmet food,bottarga
Bottarga Recipes

The Italians use to cut the Lefkas Mullet Bottarga in very fine slices and sprinkle olive oil with lemon drops. Others, like the French accompany toasts and sometimes they add a pinch of mustard. Russians on the other hand, with bread and salad. Greeks, with bread that maybe lightly heated but always accompanied with the traditional drink ouzo (anisette)

Lefkas Mullet Bottarga and a refined drink is like the union of earth with the sky. The modern consumers would also accompany the Lefkas Mullet Bottarga with scotch. The Europeans combine Lefkas Mullet Bottarga with a glass of wine.

Celebrities prefer tasting the fine slice of Lefkas Mullet Bottarga with champagne. However, Lefkas Mullet Bottarga will always be brought to the top of any selected and refined drink.

We are proud to provide you with recipes from famous chefs and we welcome your review.

* Spaghetti alla Chitarra with Mullet Bottarga
* Guitar-Cut Pasta with Mullet Bottarga and Chiles
* Linguine con Mullet Bottarga
* Mullet Bottarga with Artichokes
* Spaghetti with Sea Urchins and Mullet Bottarga
* Spaghetti con Mullet Bottarga e Pan Grattato
* Caputo's Pasta with Mullet Bottarga
* Mullet Bottarga Pasta Sauce Recipe

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