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mediterranean food,gourmet food

Lefkas Mullet Bottarga is the preserved roe of mullet. The cuning of mullet roe into what has become one of the Mediterranean's gourmet delicacies. Bottarga, Boutargue (France / Tunisia), Avgotaracho (greece), Karasumi (Japan) is tradition that dates back to the time of the Egypatians.The name is thought to have evolvec from the Aratic team for raw fish eggs: 'bot-ah-rik'.

The roes that are left whole, are sealed by dipping in beeswax and end up locking a little like large float-sided sausages.

In this dried state they display a very concentrated flavour and tend to be greated or sliced finely to garrish or flavour dishes such as spaghetti or served an "hors d'oeuvre. with olive oil, lemon, and pepper.

lefkas Mullet Bottarga, Bottarga italain food

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mediterranean food,gourmet food,seafood recipe,pasta recipe,appetizer recipe,italian recipe,bottarga,mediterranean recipe,gourmet recipe,seafood,pasta food,appetizer food,italian food
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